Make Great Websites

The best Webflow Agency in Germany and Europe

Webflow Enterprise Partner

We are the only Webflow Enterprise Partner in Germany and the best Webflow Agency in Europe, but our mission doesn’t end here, we keep pushing to make our brand and our people stronger every day!

Webflow is a development tool

Owned by our development team, we make sure everything we do follows the best development practices. We also build on top of Webflow to create our own library of functionalities (filters, search, registration, sliders, etc) called Refokus Tools.

Webflow is only a piece of the puzzle

We are a design-driven agency, and the reason why our unique value proposition starts with Webflow is that it empowers us to shift time from repetitive development practices to strategic thinking and design, creating better products and designing better experiences.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Simon Sinek

We are a team working remote

We are a truly remote agency. We are driven by remote culture and empowered by the benefits that remote life offers. We are a team, we collaborate, and regardless of the distances, we are always close to each other.

Remote Culture

Culture is more than sharing your values on the website, or a cool office, or a team bonding activity. As a fully remote team we understand that most of our time at work is going to be work, so the work has to be rewarding by itself where people are empowered to do amazing work, feeling part of a team they are proud of, and showing up to work with a smile.

Great power, great responsibility

You have the freedom of working from home (or anywhere you want) and the power to distribute your working hours to fit your working style and schedule to get stuff done and create work that makes you proud.

We empower people to build amazing stuff

Everyone in the team is given the tools, trust, and support they need to do the best work of their careers and build websites they are proud of.

Do Great Work

We create digital products that have an impact, that help businesses grow, and that make people wow.


We are a fully remote team, by design. We prefer people in Germany (as we are a German company) and Europe (to make sure we can meet sometimes.)

Flexible Hours

Organize your working day/week, distributing your working hours to better fit your working style and schedule.

Profit Sharing

We’re all in this together! We value what everyone does and give out any increase in profits to all our people as a bonus.

Value Driven

Our values guide everything we do and what we want to be.

Always Growing

We are ambitious, we don’t settle, and we are aiming for greatness for the company and for everyone in it.

Sponsored Education

If you want to learn something and make everyone stronger, there is a big chance we will sponsor you.

Our Values

We make it wow

Committed. Grit. Meaningful. Amazing.

We are authentic

Honest. Curious. Grateful. Respectful.

We are professional

Collaborative. Responsible. Resourceful.

Open Positions

Do the best work of your career.