Javascript Low-Code Developer

Remote - EU Timezone


We’re open to candidates located in Europe (Preferable in Germany)


We are looking for a JS Developer that loves no/low-code because it allows you to be more efficient on what you do, and also because it’s cool. You will be building on top of Webflow so you need to be extra creative on how to get around its limitations to make everything possible.

Who you are

You are a web developer, you love websites, and to build on top of it. You love cool tools (like Webflow) and to be smart and expand its functionality.

  • You work with NodeJS and MongoDB
  • You have deep knowledge of Javascript
  • You should know how to work and create APIs (REST and JSON).
  • Having experience with Vuejs, Vercel, Typescript and/or GraphQL is nice to have and would make us extra happy. Also if you want to learn! 
  • You can get things done by yourself, but you also know when it’s time to ask for help.
  • You like to share your thoughts and ideas.
  • You speak English, fluently (or close to it) - as our company language is English we also support non-native speakers with 1:1 classes.

What you'll do

You will be building on top of Webflow, integrating it with other stuff and even creating cool functionalities in native JavaScript for our Refokus Tools project and client’s websites.

  • Integrate webflow with third-party services and apps
  • Create custom APIs for functionalities on top of the Webflow websites we build (registration systems, search, etc)
  •  Create components in VueJS and native JavaScript to expand Webflow’s functionalities
  • Create services in NodeJS to automate tasks  (ie. bulk upload to cms, sync of Webflow CMS with other CMS, Generate collection items automatically every x amount of time, and more.)

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We are a fully remote team, by design. We prefer people in Germany (as we are a German company) and Europe (to make sure we can meet sometimes.)

Flexible Hours

Organize your working day/week, distributing your working hours to better fit your working style and schedule.

Profit Sharing

We’re all in this together! We value what everyone does and give out any increase in profits to all our people as a bonus.

Value Driven

Our values guide everything we do and what we want to be.

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We are ambitious, we don’t settle, and we are aiming for greatness for the company and for everyone in it.

Sponsored Education

If you want to learn something and make everyone stronger, there is a big chance we will sponsor you.

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Javascript Low-Code Developer

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